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NPR's Michele Norris & "The Race Card Project"

race card project

NPR's Michele Norris and our own Craig Fahle had an inspiring discussion on "The Race Card Project" this past Thursday, November 10th at an event presented by Inforum Michigan. Listen to the audio from the event above.

Can you describe your thoughts/feelings on race in 6 words? Here are a few examples that listeners submitted online. Share your own below or at "The Race Card Project".

"Challenge minds often, including your own." - Heather B (Posted on The Craig Fahle Show page on Facebook)

"social construct separating otherwise amicable humans" - Jimmy McBroom (Posted on The Craig Fahle Show page on Facebook)

"Underneath, we all taste like chicken". - Craig Maloney (Posted at wdet.org)

"I don't whisper the word black." - Carolyn (Posted at wdet.org)