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10 Of Our Favorite Radiolab "Things"

April 27, 2012


Next Friday (May 4th), we'll begin to air Radiolab in its NEW regular time slot: Fridays @ 1pm. To celebrate its new spot in the WDET schedule and the show's 10th season, we've pulled together our list of our top 10 favorite Radiolab "Things".

In no particular order...

1) Lucy
The haunting epic of Lucy the chimpanzee.

2) Symmetry
Inspired by the episode "Desperately Seeking Symmetry", this video by Everynone plays with our yearning for balance, and reveals how beautiful imperfect matches can be.

3) War of the Worlds
An examination of the power of mass media to create panic.

4) Falling
A dive into stories of great falls - into black holes, over Niagra Falls, into songs about falling and more.

5) Laughter
We all laugh. This hour of Radiolab asks why.

6) 16:Moments
After hearing "Radiolab's" show about moments of death, filmmaker Will Hoffman went out in search of moments of life. This video shows what he found.

7) Time
Jad and Robert try their hand at unlocking the mysteries of time.

8) Parabolas
At the age of thirteen, mathematician Steve Strogatz was astonished to find that pendulums and water fountains had a strange relationship that had previously been completely hidden from him. This video was inspired by him.

9) The Soul Patch
A series of stories of unlikely (and surprisingly simple) answers to seemingly unsolvable problems.

10) Words
Words have the power to shape the way we think and feel. Inspired by the episode of the same name, this stunning video puts visual wordplay into a moving exploration of language.

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What are your Radiolab favorites? Share them below!

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