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Breaking Coverage of Detroit Consent Agreement Developments

April 4, 2012


Updated 7:06pm Consent Agreement Passed By Detroit City Council 5-4 (Pugh, Brown, Jenkins, Tate, Cockrel)

Detroit's financial review team has unanimously approved a consent agreement for the city. Detroit City Council is debating that same agreement right now. We'll break down the day's developments in a news special this evening at 6:30.

You'll hear the latest from WDET's Laura Weber who covered the review team meeting. We'll check in with WDET's Quinn Klinefelter about the Council meeting and Wayne State Professor John Mogk will join us to talk about some of the legal issues surrounding the proposed consent agreement.

Listen above to WDET's special coverage of the consent agreement decision.

Two Opposing View Points From Detroit Residents At Review Team Meeting: