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You Took A Dozen Videos Of This Live Performance And We Edited Them Together

by: Terry Parris Jr.

Wednesday, June 17, 2014

This was an experiment, though the idea has been done before -- maybe you remember what the Beastie Boys did in 2006.

But, for us, it was new. We went to the Hamtramck Music Festival in March (way back in March). We wanted to find a way to be there a little differently. We reached out to Bars of Gold, one of the bands playing the festival. They seemed like a good fit for this idea.

We said: "Bars Of Gold, we have an idea. We want to get everyone coming out to your show to record one song -- the same song -- that night. What do you think?"

"Sign us up," they said, enthusiastically.

We weren't exactly sure what to expect. Maybe the crowd would be really into it. Maybe there could be a level of annoyance for a bunch of people pulling out their phones to record a song. We didn't know. But let's try it anyway.

Bars of Gold decided that they would ask the audience to record their second song of the set -- a new song titled "G". Drummer Brandon Moss came out from behind his kit after the first song and, like an elementary school teacher, quieted the crowd. He explained what we were trying to do. He asked everyone to pull out their phones and record the song from beginning to end. At this point, someone in the back yelled out, "Yeah right. I'm leaving." He, in fact, stayed.

Slowly the audience was covered in the faint glow of a smartphone screen. The rough estimate is more than 20 people participated in this experiment. Of those 20+ videos shot that night, we received about a dozen or so. That's a pretty good conversion rate.

We then took those dozen videos, synced them with a more stable audio track and then edited them together. We got clips from fans right in front of the stage, in the way back, off to the side and even Bars of Gold guitarist Scott Iulianelli filmed from the stage. Some clips were vertical, some were horizontal, all in various frame rates. But we did piece it together.

While we realize the Hamtramck Music Festival has come and gone, here's what we did with those 12 videos.

Thanks Bars of Gold and huge thanks to all of participated.

Also, Bars of Gold is: Ben Audette, Brandon Moss, Marc Paffi, Nick Jones and Scotty Iulianelli.