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WDET Awarded for Quality, Innovative News & Music Programming

by: Rob St. Mary

As sure as the robin returns and the feeling of spring is in the air, awards season has returned to honor broadcasters across “the Mitten”. This year’s announcements include several top honors for on-air and on-line work during 2011 at WDET.

The honors are judged news and broadcast professional in other states. Their voting highlights WDET’s innovative, informative and engaging approach to news and music.

Here’s the tally. Click the hyperlinks to hear the award-winning work or learn more about the honored shows.

The Michigan Association of Broadcasters presented their awards on Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 in Lansing.

WDET was honored with five MAB Awards for 2011. They include:

Best Series: “The Detroit- Berlin Connection”- Martina Guzman
Best Feature: “Same Sex Wedding Expo” - Rob St. Mary
Best Newscast: “WDET News 5:30 pm 6/3/11” - Jerome Vaughn
Merit Musical Programming: “Modern Music with Jon Moshier” - Jon Moshier
Merit Membership Appeal: “Sports Nerds” - Alex Trajano

Not to be outdone, WDET is receiving five Michigan Associated Press Broadcasters Association Awards for 2011. They include:

Best Series: “The Detroit-Berlin Connection” - Martina Guzman
Best Spot News: “Dr. Jack Kevorkian Dies” - Quinn Klinefelter & Jerome Vaughn
Honorable Mention: General Excellence (“Station of the Year”)
Honorable Mention: Newscast - Jerome Vaughn
Honorable Mention: Website - WDET.org - Michelle Srbinovich & Matt Elliott

The MAPBA awards will be presented at a ceremony in Southfield on April 14th.

While professional awards from our respected peers through the MAPBA and MAB look great on our shelves, the most humbling honor for us is when we meet you at our listening parties, the Moth or other events.

Maybe when we meet you are wearing a WDET shirt or hoodie?

Maybe we are heading home, like you - stuck in traffic, and we see a WDET sticker on your car?

It’s your excitement for what we do and taking a little time to show it, maybe saying “Hi” on facebook, twitter or in an e-mail, that means so much.

Your insight, inspiration and support makes WDET possible.