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60 Seconds Over Detroit

Have you ever though to yourself, “Self, I love music, but I don’t really have time to listen to it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone took great music and the condensed it into little – oh, say 60 second – chunks so I can get on with my day?”

Me neither!

But be glad that Detroit’s own Troy Gregory has done that for you!

Gregory has an amazing history as a musician dating back over 25 years. For the past 15 or so he’s been making music in his hometown with bands like the Witches, the Stepsisters and other outfits that mash his love for reverb drenched pop with spacer sensibilities.

*In full disclosure, I do have a connection to Troy. We worked together before I got into radio and he was kind enough to use a piece of my art for his first solo album, Sybil.

Now with that out of the way, consider the following.

Troy has put out five EPs on his band camp page offering five one minute songs per EP at the low, low price of “how much do you want to pay for it?”

The five EPs might feature short songs, but consider each one like a Whitman’s Sampler. Open each box and enjoy the sweet little pieces of music with their unique centers. Some are creamy, some velvety, some a little sour – like the apples on the covers of each record. But that’s the great thing about the short songs; you don’t have to stay too long with them if you don’t like them. But I find them all very good and they move to places you won’t expect in only 60 seconds.

Check out a few samples here and then head over to Troy Gregory’s band camp page for more.