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What Movie Means Summer to You?

What movie means summer to you?

All the talk today about a heat wave coming over the next week to the Detroit area has me thinking about films that mean summer.

The first one I thought of is the 1989 Spike Lee Joint “Do the Right Thing”.

If you have never seen it here’s a breakdown:

It’s the hottest day of the year in Brooklyn. Lee plays “Mookie”, a young man threading the needle in his community. He’s caught between being a pizza delivery boy for Sal’s, the Italian-American owned business everyone frequents but some are offended by because of Sal’s lack of interest in supporting his mostly black patrons, and trying to live in the larger community.

During the day in the blazing summer heat, racial and social tensions flare. Some want to boycott Sal’s, others are offended by gentrification taking place in their neighborhood, others are just trying to keep cool as the temperature rises – a sticky, sweaty heat that can be seen on the faces of everyone in the film.

Featuring great performances by Spike Lee, Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Giancarlo Esposito, Bill Nunn, John Turturro, Samuel L. Jackson and break out performance by Rosie Perez, “Do the Right Thing” is truly a modern classic.

The movie was nominated for Oscars and awards at the Cannes Film Festival. But beyond awards, one of the greatest things in the film is the use of music from Public Enemy on the soundtrack including their 1989 anthem “Fight the Power”.

Speaking of “Mookie”, recent articles report Spike Lee is bringing back the character for a new film currently in production in New York.

So, what’s a movie that brings the heat of summer across to you?