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The Free, Fresh Flavor of Robo-Robb

Every so often I run across an artist in town who is doing interesting work. When they want to give you an opportunity to sample their wears for free, I like to tell you about it.

That’s the case with Robo-Robb who is offering a free download right now of his new album SOULBOT2 on the bandcamp website.

I met Robo-Robb about a year a half ago at a Mitten Movie Project screening. He’s a good friend and collaborator of local funkmeister and animator Electric Otto. When I met Robb I learned that he’s also into radio. He hosts a Saturday night show on WXOU at Oakland University. Beyond that, we had the same mentor, Gene Fogel, when we were both starting in the radio business.

A few months ago Robb sent me a copy of SOULBOT2, his latest work.

I have to say for a good week I was spinning it constantly in my car as I was running from story to story.

The reason why I enjoy SOULBOT2 is Robb’s board range of sounds and ideas. For example, how many rappers write songs about the impact of their grandfather on them? The song also features a French song Robb was taught by his Québécois grandfather. If you talk to Robb you learn that he's very proud of his family's history.

My favorite track on SOULBOT2 is “Blue Skies”. The song features a sample from the jazz standard of the same name to highlight the themes of the piece. Robo is able to use the track to show the tie between classic jazz and modern era hip-hop.

Beyond that, a video for “Untitled” was recently created using stop motion techniques. You can check that out below.

So, if you are looking for another flavor from Detroit’s hip-hop spectrum – do yourself a favor and check out the free download of SOULBOT2 from Robo-Robb.