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Detroiters React To Historic Emergency Manager Announcement

March 14th, 2013

Governor Snyder has announced the appointment of Kevyn Orr as Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit. Listen to his news conference and Detroiter's reactions to his decision in this special broadcast hosted by WDET's Craig Fahle and WDET News Director Jerome Vaughn.

Special Guests:
State Senator Bert Johnson
Richardo Kilpatrick, Principal Attorney at Kilpatrick and Associates in Auburn Hills
John Austin, President of the Michigan Economic Center
State Representative Harvey Santana
State Representative Fred Durhal
Christos "Chris" Michalakis, President of Metro Detroit AFL-CIO
Professor Rex LaMore, Director of Center for Community and Economic Development at MSU

Tune in during your morning drive tomorrow (Friday) at 8am when Gov. Snyder and Kevyn Orr join Craig Fahle for a conversation on WDET's Morning Edition.

Detroiters React To Historic Emergency Manager Announcement

Gov. Rick Snyder named Kevyn Orr as his recommendation for Emergency Manager for Detroit today. We're capturing and collecting reactions from around the Metro Detroit region as they roll in.

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<p>Mr. Orr had me at 'ethical conduct'.</p>Ceecee
I hope new #DetroitEFM Kevyn Orr will be effective, handle our city #Detroit well. We've finally just convicted #Kwame for his mishandlingTatty June
<p>I am glad for Mayor Bing. He has done the best he could with no support or cooperation from City Council. I hope that together they can now move the city forward. There is too much good about Detroit for it to fail. It may be painful for many, but I think Detroit can be reinvented and then we can all grow and thrive in the future. Detroit needs to lose its us versus them mentality and come together with the region to move forward and serve all the people.</p>Guest
I'm all for my people, but I also think it's important to have our city healthy with as little fighting as possible #detroitefm we all winGabriela Romero
I'm all for ones right to protest #DetroitEFM but why block i94/75 traffic? Protest where your voice can be heard....Marc S.
"People in the city don't care who the mayor is or the city council, they want things fixed" - D. Bing at EFM press conference #detroitefmMartina Guzmán
It's gonna take more than one person to fix Detroit. The #DetroitEFM can't do it alone. Detroit = D-Try-It!James G. Hill
Consultants. Not a word I'm a fan of in the political system. #DetroitEFM #DetroitEMBridget Jones
Ok, we will see. But solving the crisis through #EFM #Detroit #DetroitEFM is not guaranteed. And don't ever put your faith in one person.Peggy Goodwin
This E.F.M candidate for Detroit is real sharp, giving me faith in Detroit's future financial standing.Jonathan Geml
Not concerned about protests...sounds as if he has a lack of concern about the people. Just saying how it sounds... #DetroitefmSoulRepublic
We've seen emergency management in Flint and Pontiac and guess what? Nothing changed! #NoEFM #Detroit http://pic.twitter.com/4MbZTxY9x9Good Jobs Now
@wdet Just do it and get it over with already. Folks are in denial. There is no doubt we need help. ANY help. #DetroitEFMJennifer Di Sano
"The highest degree of ETHICAL conduct." Orr (well he has my ear) #DetroitEFM #DetroitEMBridget Jones
Best week in Detroit history in 60 years. Let's turn this thing around. BTW Kevyn Orr is extremely impressive. I hope he is around for a long time. I hope he becomes Mayor one day.Timothy Hunter
The love fest between Snyder and Bing is sickening. What's even more sickening are those who put us in this mess in the first place. God bless the city of Detroit. #EFMJoi ShowtimeSynergy Mitchell
RT @JGHillfreep: I see lots of protesters outside. Hope folks are just as eager to take a seat at the table/help fix Detroit... #detroitefmMr RepYourCity
Kevyn Orr expressed real reverence for Detroit's history and importance in opening remarks. Very respectful of Detroiters.. #detroitefmStephen Henderson
Have to admit #DetroitEFM candidate exhibits the most important trait of anyone called to this unenviable task: an understanding of Detroit.James G. Hill
Bing: "We must stop fighting each other. I'm happy that I've got teammates. Our citizens deserve more." #DetroitEFM http://pic.twitter.com/C1QEclCTAaJay Scott Smith
The selected EFM for Detroit is a bankruptcy specialist. Step one is done, two is percolating. ACTUAL progress, nice!Joe Busuito
.@mayordavebing's presence at EFM announcement, coupled with City Council's absence, speaks volumes. #detroitefmStephen Henderson
I guess it didn't matter what efforts the City Council of Detroit took - Governor Snyder was going to appoint an Emergency Financial Manager and take over Detroit.Gisele Caver