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Do You Want Some Surrealist Syrup with those Doc Waffles?

Thanks to my friends, local rapper & radio host Robo Robb and sexuality blogger & provocateur Jane Fader, I was introduced recently to the hip-hop styling of Doc Waffles.

My understanding is that Doc Waffles (Ben Ness) has been around for awhile - about 10 years doing underground rap battles. A few years back he released "Golf View Drive", then another record called "The Bon Vivant".

One random fact about this Detroit area rapper is Doc Waffles collects old and rare books. That helps to explain his reference to John K. King Books in one of his songs. According to Jane Fader, he worked with Detroit's used and rare book dealer for about seven years.

On Tuesday, "Seizure Suit Farms" will be available for free download on the Doc Waffles website. I had a chance to check it out over the past week and, I have to say, it's worth your time.


To me Doc Waffles is the surrealist of the Detroit hip-hop scene. The bio on his website states as much - Doc Waffles lists influences as diverse as Ghostface Killah, Captain Beefheart and Marcel Duchamp. As for the new album, "Seizure Suit Farms", the lead off track "Socks with Pills" reminds of some of the work from Lonely Island but, from my perspective, Doc Waffles can twist the lyrics better than SNL's Andy Samberg and Company can.

Check out some of the lyrics on "My Teeth":

"This next alarm clock I'm going Groundhog Day on
Al Kaline giveaway ball bat day on
Gather up by hombres and get my Bombay on
I want to get a taste on but all I'm holding is radon"

"Seizure Suit Farms" is the prologue of "How to Shoot Quail", a full album coming this fall. So, if you download it you'll be studied up for the second part coming down the pike very soon.

If you keep your eyes (and ears) on Doc Waffles's sweetly surrealist flow I don't think you'll be disappointed.