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Is Detroit moving from "Motor City" to "Medical Mecca"?

Is Detroit moving from "Motor City" to "Medical Mecca"?

Have you noticed more health care jobs available in your community?

Health care has become the biggest employer in Michigan, while manufacturing jobs in the state have continued to decline. A 2010 report called Detroit: Motor City or Medical Mecca? outlines some of the ways this transition may affect the region, including more jobs, greater access to medical services and higher health care costs.

Marketplace has teamed up with WDET to explore this issue. We'd like to hear what you see in your community -- expanding hospitals, more nurse training programs, or maybe not much of anything yet? And, more importantly, we want to know how these changes are affecting you and your family. Tell us here.

Perhaps you worked in a GM plant but advised your son that a nursing job would lead to a more stable paycheck. Or maybe you think a growing health care industry is a bad move for Detroit (and Michigan in general). Whatever your opinion on the issue, we want to hear your story.

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We look forward to hearing from you.