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Bankole Thompson And Guests On Military Spending and Nation Building

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Between Iraq and Syria, Russia and Ukraine… foreign affairs and international relations have been making the biggest headlines over the past several months. The question is raised once again whether the United States should increase military action abroad.

Host Bankole Thompson asks his guest, Dov Zakheim, Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense (2001-2004), principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense on financial and budgetary matters, leading over 50,000 staff, developing and managing the world’s largest budgets, and negotiating five major defense agreements with U.S. allies and partners. Member, Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan (2008-2011). And local guest, Publisher of the Arab American News, Osama Siblani, whether or not it should be the primary responsibility of the United States government to address unrest throughout the world… or should that conflict resolution be the sole responsibility of the United Nations? The panel also answers the question should the United States focus more effort and resources on international disputes, or should that energy be focused on issues at home? Callers weigh in on the issue as well.