Detroit Today

State Of The Neighborhoods And Local Business

Thursday, February 12 2015

Host Bankole Thompson discusses the state of Detroit's neighborhoods and local business in the city with a panel of guests including the North Rosedale Park Civic Association Vice President Erma Leaphart-Gouch, Executive Director of the Osborne Neighborhood Alliance Quincy Jones, Community Leader in southwest Detroit and Delray Simone Sagovac and owner of the local business Simply Casual Rufus Bartell.

Mayor Mike Duggan used his State of the City speech this year to discuss bringing opportunity to neighborhoods and long-time residents. He says he believes talent is distributed evenly among the overall population, but opportunity is not.

"We're not seeing equal investment," says Sagovac, who points out the disparity in opportunity between many neighborhoods and thriving regions in the city such as downtown and Midtown.