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The State Of Our State In 2015: Issues & Policy In Michigan

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stephen digs into the state issues and policy that will be making news this year with Pew’s Stateline Editor Scott Greenburg.

With wins across the state for Michigan's Republican Party in the November election, Greenburg tells Stephen about the two different factors that played into those results in Michigan and across the country. The first is that Democrats tend to benefit during presidential election years when the voter turnout is higher, and since this last election was not a presidential election year, there was less Democratic turnout which allowed the Republican voters to have a greater impact on the results. The other factor, Greenburg explains, has to do with the general dissatisfaction felt by voters who may have been inclined to vote differently than they normally would.

The Stateline report also looks at specific policy issues, including Medicaid, education and roads in Michigan. However, Michigan lawmakers --similarly to legislators countrywide-- are faced with budget shortfalls and the pressures of tax cut promises. Greenburg tells Stephen that revenues are beginning to recover, however Governor Snyder will still have to close the budget gaps from pre-recession highs from years ago.