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Reaction To L. Brooks Patterson's State Of The County Address

Thursday February 5th, 2015

Photo courtesy of MLive

Last night Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson delivered his Oakland County State of the County address. Host Bankole Thompson is joined by guests to unpack the speech are Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash, Mayor of Troy Dane Slater, and Mayor of Ferndale Dave Coulter.

Commissioner Nash tells Bankole that while things are not perfect in Oakland County there are a lot of things are are going right.

"Economically things are really coming back in Oakland County, we're getting more jobs, property values are going up again," Nash says. Nash also reacts to the Great Lakes Water Authority deal portion of Patterson's speech, "We have to make sure that this is a deal that everyone can live with, that's the process that we are going through right now."

Patterson also used his speech to propose property tax reductions for Oakland County residents.

“I think anytime that you can reduce taxes for your citizens is a good thing,” says Troy Mayor Dane Slater. When the topic of roads came up Slater talks about how Troy takes financial surpluses and puts it back into infrastructure. “If there is a little surplus I think the people would rather have it spent on roads and infrastructure."

When Ferndale Mayor Coulter speaks with Bankole he stresses the importance of the strong financial base afforded to communities like Ferndale by Oakland County’s AAA bond rating.

“It helps Ferndale, and local communities like mine, attract and retain businesses that create jobs,” says Coulter. As the mayor of a diverse city Coulter says that while he did not expect he would have liked to hear some more discussion in the speech regarding diversity. “I have listened to a number of Brooks' speeches and this is not a primary focus of his. I am not saying it is not ignored but it is not a primary focus… Other than infant mortality we really did not talk about some of the social issues that are occurring in our county."