Detroit Today

Should Orr Stay or Should Orr Go Now?

September 24, 2014

Is the City of Detroit ready to move on without an emergency manager? Is the mayor in a position to lead without the absolute power the position of Emergency Manager was given by the state? Former Detroit City Council person Sheila Cockrel, and metro Detroiters weigh in on whether City Council should vote to say goodbye to Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr now, and whether the Plan of Adjustment can be implemented if he is gone.

WDET's Bankruptcy Reporter and Blogger for Next Chapter Detroit Sandra Svoboda joins the conversation to talk about what remains to be done in the business of the bankruptcy, and whether the city's nrestructuing plan is feasible

Crain's Detroit Business reported that city council may vote to keep Orr in a new capacity.

Callers to the program were split in their views. Many said that the Emergency manager should be gone as soon as possible, while others support the idea that Orr should stay until the city is completely out of bankruptcy and the Mayor and Detroit City Council prove they can run the city effectively.