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Gubernatorial Town Hall Recap

Monday, October 13, 2014

Photo courtesy of MLive

Laura sits down with MiWeek's Christy McDonald to discuss last night's Gubernatorial Town Hall with Gov. Snyder and Democratic challenger Mark Schauer. Christy was one of the moderators at the forum and tells Laura about the tone of the debate and the issues discussed by the candidates.

"I think the format was a good one, no red lights or buzzers, it was a little bit more free-flowing," Christy says of the forum. And on top of that, there were about 80 "undecided voters" in the audience --an intentional move, according to Christy.

As for the tone of the forum, "there was a lot of passion from Mark Schauer," says Christy. While Gov. Snyder was "very straight to the point."

"I had seen a more aggressive tone from him in the last week and a half of his campaign," Christy tells Laura of Michigan's current governor. Some of that aggression likely stemming from some of the pro-Democratic ads that have been running in recent weeks.

Education funding, emergency management and marriage equality were among the issues discussed at the forum. Christy and Laura also discuss the fact that Schauer called Gov. Snyder “Rick” throughout the forum and Snyder called attacks on his cousin with a furniture business, “disgusting.”