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Governor Rick Snyder Wins Reelection & Looks Ahead To Second Term

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder speaks with Laura following his re-election as Michigan's Governor for another four years. He discusses his plans for roads, the bridge and the city of Detroit in his second term.

Laura asks Gov. Snyder what’s changed for him since first being elected four years ago. He says that he views this reelection as a strong victory, even though he’s had to make a lot of “tough decisions” in the last few years. He also explains that a notable campaign challenge this time around was the “huge amount of special interest money, well over $10 million, that was all negative and not factually accurate.”

As for the noticeable shift in tone during the last part of this bid for reelection?

“I think it was needed as you get into the process. I didn’t view it as negative, there’s a difference between being negative and making sure people get the truth,” says Snyder.

However, now that he’s been elected to serve as Michigan’s governor for another four years, Snyder says it’s time to get back to his memorable and initial gubernatorial mantra: “relentless positive action.”

“I try not to take it personally…I try not to let the negativity get me down,” he says, and instead explains that he would rather focus on helping “real people in their lives.”

For example, in Detroit, Snyder says he’s pleased with what has been accomplished so far. “Look at what we’re doing there, helping people in the neighborhoods, with streetlights coming back, blight being removed, trash being picked up, better public safety; those are all great things I’m proud of,” Snyder tells Laura.

Moving forward, Snyder says he’s hopeful that the focus will be on “growing Detroit. Growing the city is key and that includes the neighborhoods,” he says. Additionally, he points out that the goal is that Mayor Duggan and City Council can return to running the city. “Running Detroit has never been my goal, let’s keep on moving in that positive direction,” he says.

So what’s ahead?

“First of all, the road funding question, I’d like to get that resolved. But beyond that, a top priority is helping people get better connected with careers, particularly the skilled trades,” he explains.

However, that’s not to say he’s discouraging higher education, instead Snyder says it’s about making room for other options too. “We need an equally honorable and respected track for the skilled trades and career tech education,” he says.

In the coming weeks, Snyder says he’s aiming to get a road package approved. “We’ll get it done sooner or later and I’d prefer sooner… we had a good framework for a package that we came very close to completing,” however there wasn’t enough time to get it through. However, now the Governor says that package will likely be revisited in lame duck.