Detroit Today

Elections, Political Ads and Truth Squad Update

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Laura Weber-Davis and guest host Robert Laurie get an election update and take a look at the latest political ads getting a closer look by the Michigan Truth Squad with Bridge Magazine's Editor David Zeman.

The first ad they discuss is the Republican Governors Association's 'Rockstar Ad,' which takes a jab at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer's relationship with former Governor Jennifer Granholm. Zeman also talks with Laura and Robert about Governor Rick Snyder's 'Numbers Ad,' which alludes to the Governor's experience with numbers and accounting, and makes the case for Snyder's crucial role in bringing Michigan back after an economically trying decade. The Squad issued a warning for the ad.

The Truth Squad also issued a flagrant foul to the Michigan Education Association's ad, which backs former Democratic US Representative Mark Schauer, and takes up Gov. Snyder's role in K-12 education funding. Zeman also discusses the ongoing Senate battle between Terri Lynn Land and Gary Peters.