Detroit Today

Ebola Q&A: Will It Spread To The United States?

Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014

Host Bankole Thompson speaks with two Detroit area doctors about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. Dr. Katherine Reyes; Infections Disease Physician at Henry Ford Health System and Dr. Eden Wells; Clinical Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Director, Preventive Medicine Residency at University of Michigan School of Public Health. Both doctors say U.S. citizens should be informed and aware of the ebola outbreak and the implications for people across the world, especially in West Africa.

Dr. Reyes says communities in West Africa are somewhat suspicious of health officials there and there is some level of distrust among people in the effected countries including Sierra Leone, Liberia and also in Senegal, Nigeria and Guinea.

Dr. Wells says that the spread of the virus to communities outside West Africa is unlikely and that the U.S. is well prepared should it show up here. She says the World Health Organization is taking the epidemic seriously and making plans should the virus spread.

Callers weigh in with their questions and comments about the outbreak.