Detroit Today

Overblown "Deflate-Gate" And The Business of Footballs

Monday January 26, 2015

With less than a week until the Super Bowl, the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady are still feeling pressure over deflated footballs used during their AFC title win against the Indianapolis Colts. Crain’s Detroit Business reporter Bill Shea says footballs are big business, but this controversy is overblown.

Shea says so-called "Deflate-gate" is the “Macarena of football controversies". He talks with hosts Stephen Henderson and Laura Weber-Davis about how the current controversy may be generating conversation, but is not really that big of an advantage into the business side of the NFL. However, Shea says there do appear to be some benefits for the League.

“They're not talking about Ray Rice and they're not talking about the really nefarious things that have happened over the past year with the NFL."

Shea discusses the NFL’s contract with Wilson for their Duke ball. Wilson makes 700,000 footballs a year in their Illinois factory, many of which are the over $100 Duke.