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Classical Spanish Guitarist Celino Romero Performs Live

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Photo courtesy of Vimeo

A special live performance and conversation with Spanish classical guitarist Celino Romero and fellow guitarist as well as Oakland University Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. James Lentini.

“I had been playing pretty much my whole life, in high school I was into sports but I was worried I’d be pressured, that my Dad would say, ‘Why don’t you get out there and play?’’ says Romero of his musical upbringing. Romero, who comes from a family of musicians, tells Laura that he learned his craft from studying the music of guitarists he looked up to, including the musicians in his own family.

“It’s a part of life, everywhere I go it’s always been the guitar, in every house, with every single Romero,” he says of his family’s rich musical legacy.

So what’s the difference between a standard and classical guitar?

“The big difference in playing is the fingers, the right hand technique. That’s what separates the styles, and the instrument is quite popular, any guitarist can pick up a classical guitar and play,” says Lentini.

Lentini, who works with young musicians, says that even though “classical guitar is demanding and takes a lot of practice and a lot of performing, there are still a lot of students that think about music as a career.”

Romero is in Detroit to participate in a collaborative concert at Oakland University with the Chamber Music Society of Detroit on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 3 pm.