Detroit Today

L. Brooks Patterson's Take On Oakland County

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson delivered his State of the County address last night. Patterson used the speech to tout Oakland County's good financial standing.

"We're debt free, and when you're debt free you get to do some interesting things," Patterson tells Detroit Today host Bankole Thompson.

Oakland County has a AAA bond rating. Patterson says the financial woes of surrounding counties, such as Wayne County, shouldn't affect Oakland's rating.

Patterson says the details of a regional water authority still need to be worked out before he's willing to commit Oakland to the agreement. Patterson expressed concern about the water authority in recent weeks.

"Back in September we signed off on a M.O.U., a Memorandum of Understanding, but we're not done," he says. "Certain things have to happen before the water board can be kicked off... I'm saying it's not a done deal until we get all of the details negotiated."

Patterson says he hopes the counties and the city of Detroit are close to solving a 40-year-old water-authority problem.