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From DUMBO to Detroit: Galapagos Art Space's Move to the Motor City

December 12, 2014

By Adrienne Roberts

The Galapagos Art Space is one on New York City’s trendiest, yet well-respected cultural institutions. But its founder announced the space will follow a trend of many individual artists from the neighborhood and relocate to Detroit.

Galapagos is deeply rooted in the Brooklyn scene, considered one of its defining institutions, and became renowned on a national level for programs such as “Nerd Nite” and “Floating Kabarette.”

Citing rising real estate prices as the reason for the move, founder Robert Elmes spoke with WDET’s Adrienne Roberts about the reasoning behind his move and plans for the nine buildings he and his wife bought in both the Highland Park and the Hubbard-Richard neighborhood -- which he accidentally refers to as Corktown.