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How Do We Prevent Youth Violence?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Detroit Police Department Captain Harold Rochon and Wayne State University Police Chief Tony Holt join Craig to discuss what causes youth violence and how to respond to the pervasive issue.

"To be able to tide [this wave of youth violence], we have to understand it."

Tony Holt | Wayne State University Police Chief

“Understanding and Reducing Youth Violence Conference” will be on Wayne State University's campus April 17.

"By the time a kid turns 18 years old he, has seen or experienced over 200,000 instances of violence through television, video games, personal life or school."

Harold Rochon | Detroit Police Department Captain

Rochon says the main difference between what we see happening now with youth violence and what took place in the past is the lack of "holistic community involvement," whether from religious institutions, community members or educational institutions. Holt says children are becoming hardened to violence and need to see a set of alternative values from their peers.

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