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Who Is Detroit?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Toby Barlow--author of Sharp Teeth and CCO for TeamDetroit--recently published an op-ed piece in the newly established Huffington Post: Detroit, entitled 'Detroit', meet Detroit'. The piece was a critique of the divide between the city of Detroit and the suburbs; as well as a call for those in the suburbs to take a more vested interest in the city that they claim to be their hometown. The piece was controversial, and elicited I'm A Detroiter Too: A Response from Rabbi Jason Miller: A longtime resident of the area. In this piece he challenges Barlow's assertion that "nothing good ever came out of suburbia".

On yesterday's show, Craig hosted Barlow and Rabbi Miller, as well as Barlow to discuss what constitutes being a Detroiter.

Today, Craig digs into the long-term issues--business, community, development and more--that have brought the city to its current stage. He hosts young activists, including filmmaker, Oren Goldenberg, and the creator of a Detroit-based pickled-food business--Suddenly Sauer--Blair Nosan. This conversation is part of WDET's ongoing series, 'Crossing the Lines', looking at the Detroit and Suburban divide and how we as a population can overcome any lingering prejudices.

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