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Detroit Maple Syrup? Potentially, As Nation's Largest Urban Tree Farm Takes Root In The City

Monday, Feb. 17, 2014

Photo courtesy of Crain's Detroit Business

Hantz Farms LLC is on the verge of taking over 15-acres of city land. Kirk Pinho, reporter for Crain's Detroit Business, is in studio to discuss the progress of the work.

So what are the basics? We break it down:

Hantz Woodlands Project Area is from Mack south to Jefferson and from Burns east to St. Jean
Hantz Farms LLC has 1,350 parcels in the area
It will start demoing 44 homes in next few weeks to make way for the planting
It will get done over the course of 12 to 16 weeks
Hantz Farms owns 150 contiguous acres of land in the area but it will not be one big tree farm. Only
15 acres will have trees.
About 15,000 hardwoods will be planted

So why exactly? What can be done with this urban forest? Pinho says there are a few ideas being thrown around, including maple syrup production. Click play below to hear the full quote:

"The can tap some of the maples for syrup. They can have maple syrup festivals."