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16 Drummers Later, The Octopus are Still a Trip

by: Travis Wright

January 10, 2014

Vocalist Masha Marjieh of The Octopus There’s a trend in contemporary rock and roll right now that’s hearkens back to the early '70s, when sludgy, gritty, guitar driven music ruled the day. Think of the early sounds from both Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac.

But Detroit never stopped producing bands that play heavy and unabashedly “out there” music. Look no further than The Octopus, who play live this Saturday at Small's with Detroit doomsters Iron Stag and Toronto's instrumental monsters, Electric Magma.

In The Octopus, Joe Frezzato creates riffs around which vocalist Masha Marjieh weaves beautiful melodies. Dale Wilson is a beating heart on the bass, and multi-instrumentalist Adam Cox sends the sound into synthesized, psychedelic realms.

The Octopus is a city favorite, but the band doesn't play live too often. With a rare show this weekend, what better time to have them put it down at WDET. Frezzato tells WDET’s Travis Wright just why that’s the case ... right after the first song, "Black Dynamite."

The Octopus play Saturday at Small's. January 11 with Iron Stag & Electric Magma.