The Craig Fahle Show

The Dutch Quiz in Honor of The Flying Dutchman at MOT

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1- Who wrote the Opera The Flying Dutchmen?

2-What country is Richard Wagner from?

3- The Opera the Flying Dutchman is set on the coast of what country?

4-What do these 20th century men have in common? Dutch Holland (1903–1967),
Dutch Leonard (1909-1983) Dutch Zwilling (1888–1978),

5-Caramel crullers are one of the specialties of this legendary Detroit shop located just south of 7 Mile on Woodward,

6- Name the Dutch born artist who’s paintings include Joseph Roulin (The Postman), 1888, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

7-When you wager, what is Dutching?

8-What is a Klomp?

9-In the SpongeBob cartoons, the recurring character who is a ghostly pirate is named

10 -What US president had the nickname Dutch as a child?

11-When two people dine out and each pays for him or herself, it’s called what?

12-Born in 1606, this artist, most famous for his portraits, lived during the golden age of Dutch Painting and is arguably the best known artist of the period.

13-What is Double Dutch?

14- What is the name for a large, heavy pot or kettle, usually of cast iron and with a tight lid, used for slow cooking.

  1. Name the river that flows through the Capitol of the Netherlands? A:--Amstel in Amsterdam

16: Name two vices that are legal in Amsterdam A: Drinking, prostitution, marijuana

ANSWER KEY: 1.Richard Wagner 2.Germany 3.Norway 4.all played baseball 5.dutch girl donuts 6. Vincent Van Gogh 7.betting on more than one outcome 8.a clog 9.The Flying Dutchman 10.Reagan 11.going dutch 12.Rembrant 13.jump rope 14.Dutch oven 15. The Amstel 16. drinking, prostitution, marijuana.