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Super Tuesday Quiz 10-2-12

Tuesday October 2, 2012

SUPER TUESDAY QUIZ 10/2—Special thanks to Ann Dwyer for her research

1) Why did Michigan U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter quit before his term ended in early September?

2) In a recent interview on the Campaign Trail Who said 'It Takes a Lot of Patience to be the President of the United States, and I'm Not That Patient'

3) Who is the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court?

4) Who is the Michigan Speaker of the House?

5) Who is the Michigan Attorney General?

6) Who the longest serving member in the U.S. House of Representatives

7) Multiple Choice: How many African Americans have served in the U.S. Senate? 600 66 *6

8) Multiple Choice: How many Native Americans have served in the U.S. Senate? 1 *3 13

9) If you are a fan of slogans, you may have heard the campaign slogan “Tippy Canoe and Tyler Too” Who was the Presidential Candidate who used this slogan and why?

10) Another slogan: “ In your heart you know he’s right” was used by this Presidential Candidate

ANSWERS: Answer 1) He was involved in a petition fraud scandal. He has since pleaded no contest to five misdemeanors. 2) Answer: Michigan Obama to Barbara Walters on The View 3) Robert “Bob” P. Young Answer 4) James “Jase” Bolger Answer 5) Bill Schuette Answer6) Michigan’s own John Dingell who was elected in 1956 ( He replaced his father in a special election the year before, so he ran as the incumbent.) Answer 7) 6-- Hiram R. Revels (R-Mississippi), 1870-71 Blanche K. Bruce (R-Mississippi), 1875-1881 Edward W. Brooke (R-Massachusetts), 1967-1979 Carol Moseley-Braun (D-Illinois), 1993-1999 Barack Obama (D-Illinois), 2005-2008 Roland Burris (D-Illinois), 2009-2010 Answer 8) : 3 – Charles Curtis (R-Kansas), 1907-13; 1915-29 (Kaw) Robert Owen (D-Oklahoma), 1907-1925 (Cherokee) Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colorado), 1993-2005 (Northern Cheyenne) Answer 9) in 1840, William Henry Harrison was the hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe and John Tyler was his Vice Presidential candidate Answer 10) - Barry Goldwater who was receiving much criticism from the media and opposition candidates saying he had extremist views. This slogan was used to combat this negative publicity and attempt to make the point that his views were not that different from most ordinary Americans.

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