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Sting and Paul Simon Quiz: Part Two

Friday, November 22, 2013

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The Craig Fahle Show brings you another quiz, this time based around musicians Paul Simon and Sting.

1) What song by The Police served as a plot point to catch a serial killer in the 1995 psychological thriller “Copycat”?

2) Simon and Garfunkel had their first hit while still in High School, but they went by a different name. What is it?

3) In 1991 Sting starred on Saturday Night Live, and was featured on a sketch called “Sinatra Group” starring Phil Hartman as Frank Sinatra. Who did Sting play - uncannily - from that sketch?

4) Which Paul Simon album caused international controversy in the 1980’s and why?

5) On Saturday Night Live, Paul Simon is one of the original members of the Five-Timers Club -- he hosted or performed five times. Name three more members of the Five-Timers Club.

6) Sting is the Godfather of another iconic single-named singer’s son. Who is the singer?

7) Name Paul Simons’ only solo #1 album. Several of his greatest songs are on this 1975 classic: the unforgettable 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover ; My Little Town and Slip Slidin' Away.

8) Name all three band members of The Police, and what instrument they played.

9) Who is Paul Simon’s current Wife?

10) What is the profession of “Roxanne” in the song by The Police of the same name?

11) Name the Iconic film for which Simon and Garfunkel wrote the soundtrack in the late 1960’s


  1. “Murder by Numbers”
    2."Tom and Jerry."
  2. Billy Idol 4:Much of the album GRACELAND was recorded in South Africa, and it features many South African musicians and groups. Simon faced accusations he had broken the cultural boycott imposed by the rest of the world against the apartheid regime in South Africa. 5: Steve Martin, Elliott Gould, Chevy Chase, Candice Bergen, Tom Hanks, Danny DeVito, John Goodman, Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken, Drew Barrymore, Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, Buck Henry
    6: Madonna 7: Still Crazy after all These years. 8: Sting (bass guitar), Andy Summers (guitar), Stewart Copeland (drums) 9: Simon married his third and current wife, singer Edie Brickell. 10.Prostitute 11: The Graduate