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Special Edition: WDET's Remembering 9/11

Today's show features guest host Rob St. Mary in a special edition of the Craig Fahle Show as we look back at the events of 9/11, ten years later.

We hear from a range of people who were impacted by the events, as they happened, and over the years. We’ll introduce you to people who were in New York City, Detroit and, even, the South Pole, at the time. But the one thing they all have in common is a connection to our community.

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The guests include:

Mikel Ellcessor is WDET’s general manager.

Dave Meinhard a veteran cameraman was working for WXYZ Channel 7 at the time… when he was told to make the 12-plus hour drive to New York City to bring the story home to Detroit.

Mark Boettcher was in New York City on business a few weeks before the attacks. He tells his story and how a special souvenir is now part of his annual 9/11 vigils.

Don MacLeod was working in New York City when the attacks occurred. He shares what saw and how it changed him and his family.

Kim Ciolek as working at the Renaissance Center that day. She tells her story of how the fear gripped her and her coworkers.

Jason Miller was studying to be a Rabbi. Miller and his wife were planning to move to Israel as part of his studies, but, those planned changed on September 11th.

Paul Daniels is a filmmaker/adventurer/heating contractor who found himself at the South Pole on September 11th, 2001.

Atiyah White-Ali shares her experience of living as an American of Muslim background in this post September 11th world.

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Here's more information about Paul Daniels and his film "Living in the Shadow of the Moon-dog: A South Pole Diary":

"September 11th at the South Pole" from "Living in the Shadow of the Moon-dog: A South Pole Diary"

"Living in the Shadow of the Moon-dog: A South Pole Diary" trailer

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