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Serving Up Some Social Change

Rebuilding Detroit one dinner at a time...


Craig Fahle Show correspondent and The Take Away contributor Nichole Christian introduces us to Chef Eric Giles and Dave Theriault, co-owners of The Sunday Dinner Company. Located in the historic 1886 US Post Office that is completely renovated out of recycled materials, they serve up home-style southern comfort food and employ "second chance" individuals, such as ex-convicts and seniors who have been out of jobs for awhile.


"We're really only 25% a restaurant, 75% a social enterprise,'' explains Chef Giles, "It's what Detroit has to do. There’s a church on every corner of this city but so little forgiveness. You have a generation and a half that has no training and no hope. Local businesses have to engage, period.''

Here are some photos of Chef Giles and Theriault with Nichole and Craig at our studio in Detroit:



The Sunday Dinner Company is located on 6470 East Jefferson Avenue in Detroit, two miles east of Hart Plaza and a half mile west of Belle Isle.

Photos courtesy of Nichole Christian and Emily Jan

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