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Schauer Calls on Snyder for Four Debates

Friday, June 6, 2014

Democratic candidate for governor Mark Schauer says he'd like to engage Governor Rick Snyder in a series of four debates before the general election this fall. And his campaign would like to see one additional debate between his choice for Lieutenant Governor candidate, Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown, and current Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

Schauer and Brown say, if elected, their administration would focus on social and financial issues that are most important to Michiganders, especially K-12 education funding.

"This Legislature and this governor has a different agenda," says Schauer, "And it's not the same commitment to education as I have."

Governor Snyder's Press Secretary Sara Wurfel responded to the call for debates: "Gov. Snyder is focused on being governor. Still tackling and working on the big issues that will continue and accelerate the Michigan come back... [The debate discussion is] Premature at this point. Can and will discuss [the possibility of debates] as get get closer to the election."

-- Laura Weber-Davis