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State's Revenue Estimates Lower Than Expected

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Michigan revenue estimates are much lower than previously expected. Michigan Public Radio's Rick Pluta speaks with Laura and Travis about new funding allocations and priorities.

There was a lot of talk after this winter about more money going towards roads. Additionally, education and tax roll-backs for residents were also important considerations, explains Pluta. However, less revenue than what was expected has already led to some funding casualties. Pluta says the first sacrifice is the idea of any kind of tax roll-back, but again, because of the harsh winter, plenty of residents are willing to forgo roll-backs and see the roads repaired. There will still be funding increases for schools, even though it won't be the same amount of funding.

Now, legislators are in the process of "final target setting" where they'll sit down and depend how much can be spent in every area. A vote today will explain part of what's going on with the revenue plan, however other decisions later this week and next week still need to be made.

--Annamarie Sysling