The Craig Fahle Show

Proposed Bill Could Restrict Gun Access For Mentally Ill

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

State Representative Rudy Hobbs speaks with Craig about two bills recently introduced to establish a gun violence restraining order that would give family and friends the ability to restrict gun access to loved ones with mental illness.

"As we all know, access to facilities for help with mental illness is slim," Hobbs tells Craig. The House Bills 5688 and 5689, introduced by Hobbs, would deal with the treatment accessibility issue by putting some of the power into the hands of those closest to troubled individuals who have access to guns.

"According to the bill we have a parent, a son or a daughter," or someone else in a close relationship with someone who is mentally ill, go before the court to voice their concerns to a judge. Hobbs says that a judge would then decide whether to schedule a hearing with the person in question, and a court-appointed psychologist would determine if the person is unstable.

The bills are modeled after legislation in California, and would take precautions to ensure that the reports are legitimate. However, Hobbs explains that the "bill may change as it goes through the legislative process," but regardless, it's still a way to begin an important legislative conversation about the issue of mental illness and gun violence.

Annamarie Sysling