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Potholes Swallowing-up Michigan roads

Friday, February 21, 2014

The state Senate has approved $100-million dollars in emergency road funding for the state and local governments. The additional money still needs to be approved by the state House. Would $100-million be enough to fill the ever-increasing presence of potholes throughout the state this winter?

Jeff Cranson with the Michigan Department of Transportation says the additional money would be a good start.

"It's a good recognition that we have a huge maintenance issues," Cranson says. He says though Michigan has experienced rough winters, the poor condition of the roads this year is unprecedented.

Cranson says roads funding can't be tied exclusively to gas taxes because people are driving more fuel efficient cars. He says that's a good thing for the environment, but also means lawmakers will need to find a more comprehensive solution to transportation funding. Cranson says Michigan is clearly falling behind other states in road condition.

"We're 50 out of 50 in terms of what we spend per-capita on transportation."

Governor Rick Snyder and some lawmakers say the state needs to pony up a billion dollars more per year to maintain roads and bridges.