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Chronicling One Day In Detroit

Thursday, April 24, 2014

WDET's Travis Wright spoke with filmmaker Stephen McGee and producer Brandon Litman, two men behind bringing One Day in Detroit to life. One Day in Detroit is part of One Day on Earth's project called "Your Day. Your City. Your Future.," targeted at chronicling the changes taking place in cities across the US through the lens of their residents.

The film gathering portion of One Day in Detroit takes place this Saturday, April 26.

Filmmakers, non-profit organizations, and individuals will document stories and attempt to answer, both visually and through interviews, 10 questions for the future of Detroit. This is a city-wide, participatory documentation event, and it's modeled after One Day on Earth's global project in which filmmakers and individuals from every country around the world shot video on the same day.

Litman, Founder and Executive Producer of One Day on Earth, described why their team moved from chronicling life globally to on a more intimate level.

"The change that is happening globally is actually happening in neighborhoods and in cities."

Brandon Litman | Founder + Executive Producer for One Day on Earth

McGee has been been part of documentary filmmaking in Detroit for nine years. He was asked by Litman to produce this city-wide documentation of Detroit.

"What I was doing [in documenting the city] is ... trying to inform the narrative beyond the blight, beyond the crime, beyond the auto industry and beyond the larger media pinpoints that people have attached themselves to when they parachute in."

Stephen McGee | Documentary Filmmaker + Local Producer for One Day in Detroit

Click Here if you'd like to participate in One Day in Detroit