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Appeals Court Knocks Down Marijuana Dispensaries

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that marijuana dispensaries and the sale of medical marijuana are not allowed under the state’s medical marijuana law. The law was enacted by voters in 2008. Craig speaks with Detroit-based Attorney, Matthew Abel about the court decision and the implications for both those with caregiver licenses and those who have a permit to use medical marijuana.

In the decision, the appeals court ruled a medical marijuana dispensary in Mount Pleasant violated both the medical marijuana law and the public health code by facilitating the sale of medical marijuana. The court says the law is silent on how patients or caregivers with medical marijuana cards are to obtain marijuana. But it says the law does not authorize centralized dispensaries or the sale of marijuana. The decision gives local prosecutors immediate clearance to seek court orders to close dispensaries where money is exchanged for marijuana. The decision could be appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, which has two other medical marijuana cases on its docket.