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Odd Things To Do On Weekend Trips Around Michigan

Friday, June 27, 2014

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The Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan, Traverse City's wine tours, the Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula. There are many popular weekend destinations for Michiganders within the state. Craig speaks with Jerome Pohlen, the author of “Oddball Michigan,” about some of Michigan's most celebrated --and sometimes bizarre-- attractions.

"Sometimes there are strange stories behind it, sometimes there's absolutely no explanation," Pohlen says of small backroom museums, oddity shops and statues sprinkled throughout the state.


1) What is the Mystery about the Michigan Mystery Spot in St. Ignace?

2) Pictured Rocks national lakeshore is along what body of water?

3) Beaver Island is the largest island in what body of water?

4) Name the peninsula that encompasses Sleeping Bear Dunes, Grand Traverse and has become a destination for wine lovers in northern Michiigan.

5) Name the Famous “Iron Chef” and restaurant owner who has adopted Traverse City as his summer getaway.

6) What was built to allow freighters, barges, tugboats and moreto traverse the 21-foot drop between Lake Superior and Lake Huron.

7) Name the World Class Links golf course designed by Warren Henderson and Rick Smith and built in 1999 on the bluffs above the shore of Lake Michigan It’s considered one of the top golf courses in the country.

8) What is the southernmost beach town on Lake Michigan in the Southwest of the State?

9) Name two Michigan Tourist towns that benefited most when Sleeping Bear Dunes was named the most beautiful place in the country by the Today show

ANSWERS: 1) In the early 1950’s, 3 surveyors named Clarence, Fred and McCray came from California to explore the Upper Peninsula. They stumbled across an area of land where their surveying equipment didn’t seem to work properly. For instance, no matter how many times they tried to level their tripod, through the use of a plum-bob or level, the plum-bob would always be drawn far to the east, even as the level was reading level. As they continued their research of this land, they noticed a constant feeling of being light-headed. Later, realizing their queasiness and problems with the surveying equipment only occurred in an area about 300 feet in diameter, they felt they had discovered a “Mystery Spot”. 2) Lake Superior in the UP 3) Lake Michigan --32 miles off the coast of Charlevoix 4) Leelanau Peninsula 5) Mario Batali 6) Soo Locks 7) Arcadia Bluffs 8) New Buffalo 9) Glen Arbor/Empire and we’ll take Traverse City too