The Craig Fahle Show

Olympic Figure Skaters are 'Made In Detroit'

Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

Photo courtesy of Sonari Glinton The 2014 Winter Olympics begin this week in Sochi, Russia. There are high expectations for American Olympians in several sports, including ice dancing, figure skating and speed skating. Among the athletes expected to do well in Sochi is ice dancing team Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who train in Canton, Michigan.

National Public Radio's Sonari Glinton is in Sochi covering ice arena sports at the games. He says most of the Olympians on ice train in Metro Detroit.

"Almost all of them have some connection [to Michigan]" Glinton tells WDET's Craig Fahle. "Detroit makes cars, and apparently it makes figure skaters as well."

Reporters, producers, directors, editors and engineers from dozens of media outlets in America are streaming into Sochi along with NPR. Many reporters are sharing photos and anecdotes of disarray at the hotels and other facilities in the Mediterranean town. Glinton says the athletes feel the ice and snow are up to professional competition standards, and the Olympic Village is in good condition. But he says construction workers appear to be working around the clock to make the city presentable to visitors.

"It's like they built a new town in the mountains," Glinton says. "Nothing is finished."

Glinton says Sochi, like Detroit, has ample stories to tell and there are new and interesting ones around every corner.

"I do wish people would stop talking about their hotel rooms, though," he jokes.