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The State of Michigan's Mental Health Infrastructure

December 10, 2013

Do those who need have access to the necessary mental health care in Michigan? The recently released Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation report concludes the state's system is broken.

A research report released Dec. 6th by the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation (CHRT) says Michigan’s mental health system is broken. Need outweighs capacity across the state. Data shows one of four Michiganders are diagnosed with depression or anxiety, but consumers and physicians report access to care is limited.

CHRT, based at the University of Michigan, released its latest research brief that shows, while more Michiganders will have mental health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, accessing these services will be difficult due to a lack of capacity.

One in four Michigan residents has been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, higher than the national average, yet a majority of physicians throughout the state reported that availability of mental health care is inadequate (57% for adults, 68% for children). While Michigan’s Mental Health and Wellness Commission is expected to issue their findings at the end of this month, this study shows both consumers and physicians are having trouble accessing needed mental health services.

Click here for a brief of the CHRT report