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Metro Times: Primary Election Guide

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Metro Times reporter Ryan Felton talks with Craig about some of the candidates running in the Aug. 5 primary election, and discusses some of the proposals Wayne County residents will be voting on.

Felton begins by telling Craig about the Wayne County Schools millage for schools K-12 in the county and the SMART millage for buses in the tri-county area.

“The SMART bus millage for Oakland, Macomb and Wayne voters is considered a life or death vote for smart buses,” Felton says of the proposal that asks for “a very slight increase.” Felton explains that even though the millage is on the primary ballot, if voters don’t approve it, this will probably be the end of the suburban bus system for Metro Detroit.

Felton also sent out a questionnaire to each candidate in the race for Wayne County Executive. “It was interesting to get a perspective on every single candidate,” he tells Craig of the 14 people running to unseat incumbent Robert Ficano. The interviews with each candidate are part of Metro Times' Election Guide.

“We offered the candidates a chance to riff in their incumbent’s record,” yet Felton tells Craig that although the responses were well-rounded, “it wasn’t the kind of fire you might expect considering the controversy stirred by Ficano in past years.” Some of the candidates on the primary ballot include current Westland Mayor Bill Wild, former Detroit Police Chief and former Assistant County Executive Warren Evans, State Representative Phil Cavanagh and incumbent Robert Ficano.