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Lincoln Enters Chinese Market with Concept MKX

Monday, April 21, 2014

Paul Eisenstein of recaps the New York International Auto Show and explains the implications of China's automotive market on the design and future of luxury vehicles.

Lincoln entered the Chinese auto market, unveiling a concept vehicle at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show called the MKX.

Today, China is now the world's largest automotive market, period. And it is very close to becoming the world's largest luxury car market.

Paul Eisenstein | Publisher of

According to Eisenstein, the Chinese auto market is expected to grow to around 50 Million vehicles a year "within the next decade or so." He explains how Chinese customers have "more extravagant taste," and that brands like Buick are largely sustained by this market.


100 years ago, Buick was a popular brand outside of the United States. The last emperor of China had a Buick which found itself in the hands of Mao Zedong's right hand man as his favorite vehicle. As China started to shift to a market economy, Buick took the risk of starting a factory there. Eisenstein says that Buick survived the economic downturn in the US because of strong Chinese demand.

If you like your new Buick, thank the Chinese.

Paul Eisenstein