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Lawmakers Discuss Cellphone Ban, Revisit No-Fault Auto Insurance

Tuesday December 4, 2012

Michigan Legislators have recently been considering a proposed ban on cellphone use for new drivers and have also revisited the no-fault auto insurance debate. The proposed ban on cellphones, dubbed "Kelsey's Law," has been the mission of Bonnie Raffaele since her 17-year-old daughter Kelsey died in a car crash two years ago while talking on her cellphone. The proposed law, SB756, passed through the state Senate a few months ago and would allow police to issue $100 tickets for teens who don't yet have full driving privileges in Michigan's graduated license program. Lawmakers have also been debating cuts to Michigan's no-fault auto insurance benefits and whether to impose government price controls on health care providers. Denno Research, on behalf of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, recently released a survey on voters' support for Michigan's no-fault system which shows, among other things, that 86 percent of respondents support the full injury and rehabilitation benefits provided to accident survivors under Michigan’s auto insurance system. Craig speaks with Mike Dabbs, President of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, about the proposed cellphone ban and the no-fault auto insurance debate.

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