The Craig Fahle Show

Demystifying the Detroit Charter Proposal

Ken Coleman

In 2009, Detroit voters elected nine residents to review the city's constitutional charter.

Ken Coleman, one of the elected members, explains the work behind proposed revisions and some of the structural changes Detroit would see, should voters approve Proposal C on November 8th. Among the proposed changes: requiring citywide recycling, formally electing city council members based upon districts as well as tough new anti-corruption polices such as an empowered ethics review board and an inspector general.

Coleman, a long time state legislative aide and public policy consultant, has led the charge in keeping Detroit citizens updated and connected to the process. Hear what he has to say today, on The Craig Fahle Show. Copies of the proposed charter are available at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center downtown, at city libraries, recreation centers, and police precincts and districts.