The Craig Fahle Show

Interfaith Conference 'Bridging Borders' In Detroit

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

President of the Interfaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit Robert Bruttell and Interfaith Leadership Council Administrator Meredith Skowronski join Craig to discuss the upcoming 26th Annual North American Interfaith Network Connect Conference and this year's theme of "Bridging Borders."

“We want to focus on the boundaries and borders we have here in Detroit, obviously there are geographic and definitely metaphorical borders. We’re proud of the Interfaith work we do in this community and how many different interfaith groups are present, working with each other to bridge religious boundaries and religious borders in these communities,” says Skowronski.

Who will be there?

“At this conference we did a little analysis. There will be people from 26 states and provinces, and 46 religious affiliations that will be represented, and most of those are parallel to religious affiliations that we have right here in Detroit,” Bruttell tells Craig of the diverse audience they're expecting.

“Detroit is a great model for the rest of the country, and that’s what we want to show. We’ve got our tensions, that’s for sure but that’s why it’s interesting to see how we work those out. There are tremendous benefits to the cultural input that we get from these new groups meeting with the groups that we’ve had here for the longest time,” says Bruttell.