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HBO Film: The Education of Mohammad Hussein Profiles Muslim Boy in Hamtramck

Monday, January 6, 2014

Photo courtesy: Loki Films Tonight on HBO the filmmakers of “Detropia” profile a young Muslim boy in Hamtramck. “The Education of Mohammad Hussein” premiers tonight at 9pm.

A synopsis from the HBO website: “At home in Detroit, 10-year-old Mohammad plays video games with his little brother and watches a video about the Hajj to Mecca. Mohammad attends Al-Ikhlas Academy, one of 14 traditional Islamic schools in the Detroit area, which has the largest Muslim population in the U.S. The school is run by Brother Nadir Ahmad, who says, “Since 9/11, children have been harassed, walking to the mosque, [and] have been attacked…These things do create some level of fear in the youngsters.” Later, in his office, Ahmad watches a YouTube video of anti-Muslim preacher Pastor Terry Jones, in which a copy of the Koran is burned; Jones is planning a demonstration in Detroit in the coming days.”

Trailer (Off-Channel)