The Craig Fahle Show

A Discussion on Gun Violence, Youth and Schools

July 1, 2013

Original Airdate: February, 19, 2013

Al Taylor of the Peace Project and Dr. Carl Taylor, Professor at Michigan State and expert in urban violence and stable communities join Craig for a conversation about Gun Violence and school-age youth after a special program by This American Life.

Dr. Carl Taylor is a Sociology Professor at Michigan State University. he has written extensively and studied urban violence and stable communities.

Virgil "Al" Taylor founded the Peace Project in Detroit. The Peace Project is an initiative designed to address issues of youth violence. The premise of the initiative is not new. It is to engage young people, educate them and offer meaningful learning and earning opportunities. There’s a bit more to this initiative though--it is largely led and directed by young people.

WDET is committed to advocating conversations on issues that affect the communities of Southeast Michigan with concentration on improving the lives of our kids. How do we talk to our children about guns and violence? This is an issue WDET will continue to explore.