The Craig Fahle Show

Emergency Manager: Is the time now?

February 7, 2013

Bankole Thompson, Senior Editor of The Michigan Chronicle joins Craig and listeners to discuss whether the time is now to name an Emergency Manager for the City of Detroit.

In his recent column, Thompson stated, "Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s announcement last week of plans to close 50 parks in the city instantly grabbed attention in the New York Times as well as other national publications. At the same time the revelation of shutting down 50 of the 107 recreation parks also heightened the conversation around an emergency manager for Detroit, underscoring the dire straits the city is in.

The mayor’s announcement, an apparent response to the Detroit City Council’s refusal to approve a State of Michigan proposal to lease Belle Isle and instead demand more answers from Gov. Rick Snyder, presents a challenge for families in the city who once looked to those parks for their recreational needs. It remains unclear whether the parks targeted for closing are in highly populated neighborhoods; the absence of recreational facilities is a recipe for crime.

With the city’s ballooning deficit and cash flow issues, some are contending that an Emergency Manager coming, but when? emergency manager is the route to cure Detroit’s fiscal crisis in order for the city to avoid bankruptcy."